What is a mobile moment ?

The customer finds himself in a situation where he wants a service on his mobile phone. He is expects relevant and short information related to his situation. This is a moment where mobile can shine, it's a mobile moment.

Some mobile moments

On the way to a business meeting you get a notification that your train or plane is delayed. The mobile phone suggests you to call your meeting partner and inform him about your delay.

You walk by a grocery store and the mobile phone reminds you to buy grocerys and offers you personalized discounts for your shopping list.

In the morning the mobile phone wakes you up some minutes earlier, because it reminds you to bring out the waste and also tells you that you should take a different route to work to avoid the traffic jam.

How to create a mobile moment ?

Relevant content

Give the user the content he desires in a format fitting to his needs.

Location based

The content has to be tailored to the location and the special needs of this.

Desired time

The perfect moment is importent, even some seconds can make the difference.

Want to find your mobile moment ?